Ducati From Start to Current

It all started in 1926, when Antonio Cavalieri Ducati and his 3 sons started Ducati which actually started off making radio components believe it or not, a long way from where the company stands today! by 1935 Ducati moved to a bigger premises and survived the war despite being bombed multiple times.

It wasn’t until 1944 when Ducati actually started making motorcycle based products. The first motorcycle related item that came out the factory was a small engine used for mounting to bicycles, this was called the Cucciolo, was 48cc and was a 4 stroke design. Impressively they managed to sell over 200,000 cucciolos by 1950, and this is when the first 2 wheeled motorised cycle was created by Ducati, a cucciolo motorised bicycle.

In 1952 Ducati moved onto proper motorcycles with the 65TS, this was a 4 stroke motor scooter which didn’t give great success for Ducati and they stopped production 2 years on in 1954.

By 1953 the company split into 2 divisions, Ducati meccanica and elletronica. Just a year into the split Ducati meccanica were producing an impressive 120 motorcycles a day.

In 1973 ducati created the ever so iconic engine design they are so well known for today, the desmodromic engine design. This design unlike the conventional valve train on a 4 stroke had 2 cams for the opening and closing of the valve instead of a spring to return the valve to the closed position. This design was created to allow the engine to rev to higher rpms over the conventional spring system.

In 1980 Cagiva bought Ducati, and were planning to rename Ducati models with the “Cagiva” but ended up keeping the Ducati name on their motorcycles. Cagiva kept Ducati until 1996 when Texas pacific group purchased the company. in 2005 Ducati was bought back into Italian roots which lasted until 2012 when Audi AG bought the company for $909 million.

Ducati made history in 1994 when they brought out the absolutely beautiful and iconic machine, the 916. This bike revolutionised super bikes, the looks were a league of their own, and the handling wasn’t any different. This bike with Carl Fogarty as pilot won 4 world titles for Ducati. 2 on the 916 and 2 on the 996 models.

Ducati have used timing belts for many years on their engines instead of conventional timing chains, which makes maintanance a lot less time consuming changing a belt rather than a timing chain.

Ducati have been very successful in road racing over the years, with the first ever world title being with Mike hailwood in 1978 at the formula F1 TT on the NCR900SS. Up to date Ducati have won multiple titles in all different race series and the total titles now stands at 47 which is extremely impressive. In 2022 Ducati won the titles in british superbikes, world superbikes and motoGP.


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