Kawasaki Key Information

Kawasaki are up there with the market leaders in the bike manufacture world, and they know a thing or two when it comes to making a great motorcycle.

It all started in 1878 when Shozo Kawasaki started Kawasaki heavy industries building ships. In 1906 Kawasaki looked further afield and started making a range of products such as rail, automotive and air industries.

During world war 2 Kawasaki played a big part in helping Japan with the Ki-61 Fighter, which proved to be a very successful plane for the Japanese. There isn’t much that Kawasaki have not tried so they are a very experienced company which is most definitely why they have made such great bikes.

Where it all really started for the motorcycle section of the company was 1949 when the first motorcycle engine was born, a 148cc single cylinder 4 stroke engine. in 1954 the first ever Kawasaki motorbike was created under the Kawasaki-meguro name at that time which later in 1960 went onto becoming solely Kawasaki motorcycles when the 2 companies merged together.

The first mass produced motorcycle was in 1962 which was the Kawasaki B8. This was a single cylinder 125cc 2 stroke and was capable of a an impressive top speed of 62mph.

Throughout the years Kawasaki have been extremely successful in bike racing, from the 1970s with Kork Ballington on the Kawasaki KR250 and 350 Works motorcycles where he gained 4 world titles, right up to the present day as Jonathon Rea has taken 6 world titles for Kawasaki on the ever so popular Kawasaki ZX10-RR.

In 1972 Kawasaki brought onto the scene the ever so iconic Kawasaki Z1 900, this really boosted Kawasakis respect as a Japanese manufacture as nothing could come close to this bike with its unbelievable top speed (even now quite respectable) of 130MPH, its big 900cc inline 4 motor which boasted DOHC, and superb looks with handling to match.

Today Kawasaki sells one of the most powerful motorcycles on the market, the Kawasaki Ninja H2 which boasts a supercharger and is capable of putting out 310BHP in the R form or 228BHP in road form. The top speed of the H2 is 210MPH which is just phenomenal figures.

When it comes to super bikes Kawasaki are probably the most well known with the ever so iconic “ninja” name. Ask anyone about a motorbike and the chances are they know about a Kawasaki ninja! it all started in the awesome film TOP GUN with the bike every lad had on there bedroom wall, the GPZ900R Ninja. And even to this present day the current models are still called Ninja such as the ZX10R, H2 and ZX3R.


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