KTM Key Info

KTM, which stands for Kronreif & Trunkenpolz Mattighofen, was first formed in 1934 by Austrian engineer Johann (Hans) Trunkenpolz. when the company used to repair cars and diesel engine repairs. not long after in 1937 is when motorcycle sales started with the sales of DKW motorbikes, and also Opel car sales.

Fast forward to post WW2 and repairs dropped suddenly which had Johann thinking about his own motorcycle production. The first prototype KTM motorcycle was made in 1951 which was named the R100, every component apart from the engine was made in house. The engine was made by the famous company ROTAX which have also made engines for a number of different brands such as BMW and APRILIA. In 1953 production started and the company managed to fire out the R100 at a rate of 3 per day which was impressive with just 20 employees.

shortly after in 1954 KTM made another 3 motorcycles, the R125 TOURIST, grand tourist, and the scooter mirabell. Off road victories started in 1955 for KTM at the six days trials when gold was won by Dornauer on a KTM machine.

By 1971 KTM had an employee count of 400, 40 years on from the start and now had 42 models in production which at more than 1 per year is very impressive. Not know to many people that during the 1980s KTM made radiators for various european car companies and this was actually a big part of KTMs revenue.

In 1991 KTM as a company had massive changes and is the reason we see the company as it is today. Eric Trunkenpolz passed away so the majority shares went over to a consortium of creditor banks. The company was then split into 4 different divisions, motorcycles, tooling, bicycles and radiators.

In 1995 KTM purchased Husaberg motorcycles and WP suspension.

In 2013 KTM purchased Husqvarna Motorcycles

In 2020 KTM purchased GAS GAS Motorcycles.

Ktm have been extremely successful in motorcycle racing, especially off road. KTM rule the enduro division with multiple world titles to their name and without a doubt the most popular enduro / MX bike out there for the average consumer. KTM are also highly competitive at MOTOGP level , MX, but do not produce a trials bike. GAS GAS (part of ktm) are however very competitive at world trials level.

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