It all started in 1909 for Suzuki, but not as you might think. Michio Suzuki founded the company in hamamatsu, Japan. This was not to produce vehicles but actually the company produced weaving looms for japans huge silk industry at that time. 30 years on and Michio decided that he would have a go at producing cars, so in 1937 that’s exactly what he did and the first Suzuki motor car prototype was created.

when world war 2 struck Suzuki production of motor vehicles was put to a firm halt, and this would go on until after the war had ended. The first 2 wheeled vehicle Suzuki made was a 2 stroke 36cc engined bicycle called Power free, this had pedals and an engine which could be used together or one or the other solely.

By 1954 Suzuki were producing 6000 motorcycles per month , and the companies name officially changed to Suzuki motor co ltd. In the 1960s Suzuki motorcycles really gained a name for their selves in the grand prix racing scene, with a first win in 1962 on the RM62 grand prix machine. in 1963 things only got better with the 50 and 125cc world championships being claimed by Suzuki.

in 1968 Suzuki launched the iconic Suzuki T500 which was an air-cooled inline twin 2 stroke 500CC engined road motorcycle, which turned out to be a great success for Suzuki.

1969 saw a big new purpose built motorcycle factory built in Oyabe, Japan.

The 1970s was a great decade for Suzuki, and it brought along much more success such as the absolute legend Barry Sheene who later that decade went on to win the 1976 and 1977 500c world championships for Suzuki.

In 1980 Suzuki launched the ever so iconic GSX Range and the Suzuki Katana. The katana came in 2 engine variations, a 750cc or 1100cc Double overhead camshaft 4 valve engine. These bikes had a very different look to what was on the market at the time and they were a bit marmite! they didn’t hang around though with 111BHP on tap, a very respectful amount back then when the average car had 50!

In 1985 the GSX-R Range was launched with the GSX-R750. This proved to be very successful for Suzuki, with the GSX-R range still being sold today! the GSXR range is on of the most successful models ever made by Suzuki and battles for the top spot in the super bike range every year.

the late 1990s Suzuki launched the Suzuki Hayabusa. This was absolutely groundbreaking for the motorcycle world, with the bike being able to reach speeds of 190MPH+ and 175BHP on offer this bike is still to be seriously respected even over 2o years on. It knocked off the ZX12R from the highest top speed and held it for a number of years, and this bike caused Japan to restrict motorcycles to 186MPH.


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