Honda Fun Facts

Honda motor co Ltd was founded in 1948 by Soichiro Honda in hamamatsu, Japan. As of today the company is the biggest motorcycle manufacture in the world and that is with no surprise. When the name Honda is mentioned, people automatically think reliability and quality.

There is not a style of bike Honda do not make, they make a bike for everyone and its always up there with the competition, The creation of Honda began with the Model A , which was a motorised bicycle, otherwise known as the A-Type. It featured a two-stroke, 50cc engine. After this came the Model D, which was a 98cc 2 stroke engined motorcycle similar to the model A.

Things really started to take off when Honda moved to a manufacturing facility in Tokyo, Japan. The first 4 stroke motorcycle built by Honda was the Honda Dream E. shortly after in 1953. Soichiro Honda preferred 4 stroke engines as he said that the noise and smoke from the 2 stroke was frustrating. Shortly after the Honda Dream E came the Honda super Cub, the most well known and sold motorcycle ever. Everyone has either had a Honda Cub or knew somebody that did.

In 1999 Honda brought out the first motorcycle with the VTEC system on the Honda SuperFour 400. This system keeps one intake valve shut per cylinder until a certain RPM has been reached, then which the second valve is activated. This really helped the power delivery and smoothed out the torque curve, but just showed everybody once again what Honda is capable of in terms of engineering.

Honda have dominated in racing over the years, every type of motorcycle racing Honda have won some sort of title or championship in the past, and its down to the precision and quality what Honda are most known for. They have 180+ wins at the Isle of Man tt, multiple MotoGP championships, motocross titles, the list goes on. You really cannot go wrong with a Honda motorbike!


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