Preparing Your Motorbike For Sale

Although the process of selling your motorcycle can be difficult, it doesn’t have to be.  This guide has be designed to prepare your motorbike for sale and to make sure you receive a fair price for the motorbike. This article is all about providing advice and knowledge on selling a bike. It also covers everything from determining the value of the motorcycle to the steps to take before putting your bike up for sale.

Therefore, read on for our step-by-step comprehensive guide to everything you’ll need to know for Preparing Your Motorbike For Sale. So whether you’re upgrading to a newer model or selling your motorcycle when your riding days are over. First and foremost, it is vital to know the value of your motorbike.

How Do Bike Values Change?

While the condition and rarity of the bike are probably the most crucial, there are other factors that also affect how much your motorcycle is worth.

  • Mileage

When determining a motorbike’s value, one of the first factors we consider is its mileage. It’s a good idea to try and keep an eye on your bike as you’re using it. If you know you’ll want to sell it soon, you might want to try and give yourself some boundaries. The more miles you put on your bike, the less its worth.

  • Age

When determining the value of a used motorcycle, age is yet another crucial factor. As is always the case with both vehicles and bikes. Your bike’s value will be significantly lower than when you first get it, but after a few years, the price decline does begin to level off.

  • Condition

Naturally, you can be offered a higher price for your bike if it is in better condition. Even though some wear and tear are unavoidable, it’s a good idea to frequently clean the bike and take care of any minor problems it may have before putting your motorbike up for sale or taking it to a motorcycle buyer.

  • Background

It’s crucial that you give the motorcycle’s complete service history. The more information you can supply, the greater valuation you can be given.

  • Former Owners

Consult your registration or logbook to learn how many prior owners your bike has had in general, to determine how much less it is worth.

  • Modifications

Many individuals take their modified bikes for service, whether the alterations are entirely aesthetic or affect the bike’s performance.

How Much Is a Bike Worth?

Since each bike is unique and different, so is the valuation process for each individual bike. Our knowledgeable team will start working on an estimate for you once we get the details of the bike and your registration number.

When determining the value of your bike, a variety of elements are considered. Some of which are much simpler to evaluate than others. Age, mileage, and other factors will be taken into consideration, and clearly, the bikes that have been well-maintained will fetch the highest prices.

However, reputable motorbike buyers possess in-depth market expertise. They consider how “in-demand” is a significant component when determining the value of your bike.

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A how-to manual for motorcycle sales

Selling your motorcycle is frequently a significant part of the process of purchasing a new one. So whether you’re downsizing, upsizing, modernising, or just want a change… Here are some suggestions for getting the most out of your old bike so you can move on to the fun part of obtaining a new one.

  1. Timing is crucial

Take into account the season when you are selling your motorcycle. If you’re selling a sports bike or a café racer, the beginning of summer will be far more successful than the dead of winter. If you’re selling a dirtbike it might do better in the autumn or winter. The season won’t matter as much if you are trying to sell a collectable, extremely rare, or exotic gadget that is expected to appreciate in value.

  1. Prepare your documents

Although keeping track of your paperwork can be tedious, it will be beneficial when it comes time to sell your motorcycle. Certain certificates are necessary, but service history, any pertinent warranty papers (including proof of any warranty work performed). Invoices for services you’ve had done over the years may also be helpful.

  1. Determining a Price 

A price that is too high will undoubtedly turn away consumers. A price that is too low may result in you undervaluing yourself or, in the worst situations, appear to be a con artist. Make extensive inquiries on as many selling platforms as you can to determine the value of your bicycle. Instead of relying just on “buy it now” prices, keep an eye on online auctions to see what their ultimate selling prices are. You can also utilize free valuation services.

  1. Clean it thoroughly

This is a terrific method to increase the appeal of your bike to potential purchasers. Although cleaning supplies are rather expensive, elbow grease is totally free. Remove your fairings and clean the interior as well as any problem areas you might typically skip over. Additionally, properly cleaned wheels significantly improve a bike’s overall appearance.

  1. Images are more powerful than words

Nothing will turn away potential purchasers more than a bad reputation. You don’t have to be a professional photographer, but make sure the photos are taken in decent lighting, ideally with a background that is rather plain. Consider the information a buyer might want to view and take pictures of that as well. Ensure that the photographs display correctly when you submit them; if you are not technically savvy, seek assistance.

  1. Avoid Getting Scammed

When selling a motorcycle, the last thing you want to happen is to be duped. Even though it happens infrequently, some thieves take advantage of the first encounter over a bike sale to steal the bike. Meeting in a public location and bringing a friend along may be enough to avoid this. If things do get heated, always put your personal safety before that of your bike. Your bike is made of metal and can be replaced, but you cannot.

This is a simple guideline that anyone can follow. The tips to Preparing Your Motorbike For Sale above can help you effortlessly sell your bike.

So now you have finished preparing your motorbike for sale, head over to our valuation page (HERE). Fill in our valuation form for a no obligation, free valuation now!